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Tech Express™
is the Bay Area's leading mobile on-site maintenance and repair service for automobiles, motorcycles and small watercrafts. Tech Express™ pioneered the online mobile repair and maintenance service thru ads on Craigslist, Yahoo and Ebay in early 2000.

Our unique service saves you time and money while reducing the hassle that comes when it is time to service or repair a car, motorcycle, boat or jetski. No need to pay for towing or take time out of work schedule your appointment online or call us at 888-875-3001.




Our Service delivers an ASE Certified Technician armed with the latest tooling and technology to service or repair your vehicle when and where you choose.

All technicians arrive in a compact mini vans equipped with GPS, OBD I & II diagnostic scanners and impressive set of tooling. All components connect to Tech Express™ onboard computer system for a time saving and on the spot diagnosis and repair.

Fleet Services can save the time and money with our unique service for their fleet vehicles. Tech Express™ can provide service for a fleets.
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Save Yourself A Considerable Amount of Time & Money.
1. Never pay for towing
2. Never dropping off of your car
3. No waiting for a mechanic's call
4. No need to getting held up with a service authorization call.

Pick up the phone and book your appointment today or schedule it on-line: Make an Appointment

View our Pre-purchase/Pre-Inspection Overview or the a Sample Pre-purchase Inspections Reports.

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We have a number of on-site services to meet your automotive needs, from Tune-Ups to Pre-Purchase Inspections.

• Tune-Up
Pre-Purchase Inspection
• General Service
• Drive Line Service & Repair
• Fuel Pump Replacement
• General Diagnostic Service
• General Safety Checks
• Suspension Upgrades
• Brake Maintenance & Repair
• Water Pump Replacement
• Wheel Bearing & Seal Replacement
• Electrical Troubleshooting & Repair
• OBD I & II Diagnostics Scanner
Emergency Roadside Service
Fleet Maintenance Services

If you are purchasing a vehicle for $2500 or greater get educated on the condition/history of your investment. Get some peace of mind on the investment with an on-site pre-purchase inspection. We offer 3 levels of inspections to meet your purchase budget. If the vehicle is relatively inexpensive you may want to consider our level (2) Pre-purchase inspection.

Pre-purchase/Pre-Inspection Overview (pdf)
Sample Pre-purchase Inspection Reports: No.1 & No.2 (pdf)
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We provided a FAQ Page (Frequently Asked Questions) for common questions, comments, and policies. Go to the FAQ Page

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Tech Express has over a dozen seasoned motorcycle professionals with the latest technical, mechanical and cosmetic training. Our state-of-the-art mobile service vans all have the latest tools, information and technology. It's our job to help you keep your motorcycle in top shape, and on the road.

• Tune-Ups (2 & 4 strokes)
• Pre-Purchase Inspection
• Clutch Service
• Fuel Pump Service
• Diagnostic Service
• Safety Check
• Suspension Upgrades
• Brake System Maintenance & Repair
• Electrical Troubleshooting & Repair
• * Emergency Roadside Service

We provided a FAQ Page (Frequently Asked Questions) for common questions, comments, and policies.

Tech Express Tech's service: Yamaha , Kawasaki, Honda and Suzuki
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Boats & Watercrafts

We re excited to offer our services for boats and other types of watercrafts (eg. jet ski). (2 & 4 strokes)

• Tune-Ups (2 & 4 strokes)
• Pre-Purchase Inspection
• Elect. Troubleshooting & Repair
• Fuel Pump Service
• Diagnostic Service
• Safety Check

We found many people waste nearly 5-9 days just doing basic servicing for boats and watercraft due to the limited number of shops that specialize in this area. Don't waste your time or your money....no need to tow your boat to a specialty service shop and waste your days, call us 888-875-3001.

View Tech Express's motor exchange process.

We provided a FAQ Page (Frequently Asked Questions) for common questions, comments, and policies. Go to the FAQ Page

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Fleet Services

Fleet maintance requires more than typical service & tuning. Fleet maintenance requires special service options to keep up with the daily wear and tear of operations. We go to you when and where choose. .

Tech Express™ combines onsite vehicle maintenance and repair services so your operation remain up and in business.

Fleet operation managers will achieve better control over fleet operations and expenses with Tech Express™ fleet service process. We will customize our service process to integrate into your standard operation procedure (SOP) and accept PO's service option payments.

(Let us show you how it can work reduce you load today.)

Tech Express™ recommends vehicles get serviced every 4,000 to 6,000 miles or four to six months, whichever comes first.

Routine service includes:

—— • Changing the oil and oil filter
—— • Lube the chassis
—— • Rotating tires
—— • Checking all fluids
—— • Pressure-testing the cooling system
—— • Inspecting suspension, brakes, lights, battery, exhaust system, belts & hoses.
—— • All manufactures recommended services
—— Electrical Repairs.
—— Emergency Repairs.

For more information on fleet services please contact our fleet service department

We provided a FAQ Page (Frequently Asked Questions) for common questions, comments, and policies. Go to the FAQ Page

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Love the idea and the service. It saved me a big hassle not having to drive my car down to the shop. You guys got here, did a great job and I'm happy.

Lori - Redwood City, CA

Thanks again for you help buying my used car. It was lucky I called you and you found the first car to be a mistake to buy. I would of never known the car had so many "internal" problems. I ended up saving about $2000. Tech-Express is the best.

Luke - Oakland, CA

Usually it takes all day to get my car to the shop, a ride home, a ride back to the shop....what a pain but you made getting my service done on my car simple and quick. Thanks guys.

Mark - San Francisco, CA

My boat was sitting all year, I have no clue what to do to get it ready and having to take it to the harbor for repairs/service was just going to be a day pain in the....well you get the idea. I found your service to be perfect...why hasn't anyone done this before. Anyhow you got me in the water...my family is grateful. You made our summer!

The Wheeler Family - Berkeley, CA

Pre-Purchase Inspections

October 05

And this is an excellent, excellent report. You found significant problems which must be addressed before I even think about purchasing this vehicle. This is exactly why people should use your company's services. My brother recommended Tech Express to me and I volunteer to give a good reference to Tech Express.
I absolutely will use your company's services again. You did a wonderful job.

T. Holsinger -

November 06

After showing the dealer your report, he dropped his price $1000! Thanks!

C. Hawkins - Palo Alto, CA